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About IAMT

The Institute for Advanced Military Thinking (IAMT) is founded on a belief that “Wisdom never dies,”. The lessons learned on Israel’s many battlefields at so great a cost should be assembled, organized and made available to current generations of Israeli soldiers and those of other friendly nations for use in readying for the security challenges of tomorrow. The IAMT stands as Israel’s primary forum through which professional colleagues can discuss past experiences, current lessons learned, and think about the character of future war and warfare.


The IAMT also opens doors to grant access to other experts within the international security community. Formal and informal IAMT relationships with military organizations, academic institutions, and subject matter experts in Israel, the United States and elsewhere make this access exceptionally broad in scope and deep in expertise.


IAMT additionally provides a forum for small group analysis of today’s greatest security challenges and the larger conferences of the type previously run under the auspices of the Institute for Land Warfare Studies and its co-sponsors. Among the past challenges addressed were “Land Maneuver in the 21st Century," "Fighting in Urban Terrain,” and the 2011 conference’s “War’s Changing Environment”.


These and other events spanned the broad spectrum of land warfare operations, to include combat, combat support, logistics, intelligence, information warfare, technology in support of the war fighter, leadership, and soldier performance, to note but a small sampling. The IAMT is proud to continue supporting Israeli and international research efforts and educational initiatives at both the individual and organizational levels.

About Gideon Avideor

Gideon Avidor is married to Maggie, father Hadas and Topaz and grandfather to four children.

B.G. (Ret) Gideon Avidor retired from the Israeli Defense Forces in 1999 after 42 years of service – 30 years in active service and 12 years in active reserve.


He took part in armored units at various levels in the 1967, 1973 and 1982 wars.

Between 1983 and 1986, he served as the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the IDF Defense Adviser to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.


B.G. Avidor graduated from the US Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC)
in 1978 and from the Israeli National Defence College in 1982.

Avidor graduate as BA in History from Tel-Aviv University and got his MA from Haifa University in Geography.


From  2007 to 2011 he established and managed the Institute for land
Warfare Studies in Latrun.

In 2012 he established and managed the Institute for Advanced military

Thinking as a non-profit private organization.   

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